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You Know That Saying About Death And Taxes?

Posted by Carleen Rogers on April 11, 2016
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Have you completed your advanced directives yet? Documented your end of life wishes?  

Well, just in case Tax Day wasn't enough for you, April 16 is for National Healthcare Decisions Day

April 16 sounds like a great day to prepare your own Advance Directives because there is no time like the present.  

... I know the saying about death and taxes, but did they have to put these two days literally right next to each other?

We are happy to tell you that the Medalogix crew is on top of this issue.  

Last week Alive Hospice was kind enough to come to our office to provide each of us some guidance into documenting our own end of life wishes and prepare our advance directives.


Do you need a little push? I understand.

This is a pretty big step. Here are a few of my favorite resources that may help you take the initial leap. Some of these I have shared before and some of them are new.  

  • My first recommendation is always to read the book from my favorite author, Dr. Atul Gawande, Being Mortal, which really examines that spectrum of healthcare near the end of life and if you don’t like or have time to read, check out the Frontline PBS special with Dr. Gawande for the speed version of motivation.  
  • My other book recommendation is the new best seller, When Breath Becomes Air by Dr. Paul Kalanithi. This book is deeply personal and moving but will put you on the right track for documenting what is truly important.  

After reading these books you will be ready to start the paperwork. I know, paperwork seems intimidating.

However, completing the paperwork is really the only way you have any power in the decisions when you aren’t able to speak for yourself any longer. So, let’s get the paper work done ...  

  • Take a look at Good End of Life . She has simple worksheets to get the process moving.  
  • Next, click over to Caring Info and download your state specific Advance Directive forms. Print them out and take care of business.  
  • If you have other official questions about the really important non-clinical decisions, check out Get Your Shit Together. This is a great site answer those pesky important questions.

Good for you. Even if you just made it through this blog post, you are a rock star!

Now just do it. Be like the Medalogix crew and take care of this now.

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