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What Our Users Say About Our Users Conference

Posted by Katie Cunningham on June 07, 2016
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medalogix_home_health_technology_users_conference.jpgIn April, we held our very first Users Conference. The goal was to foster an environment where our rockstar home health clients could all come together in a community forum to discuss best practices, network and discuss future technology enhancement opportunities.

Our attendees represented Medalogix user agencies that included Encompass Home Health, Kindred at Home, Accent Care, Jordan Health Services, Camellia Healthcare, Doctor’s Choice and Valley Home Care, Inc.

Based on attendees’ feedback, our goals were met and the event was a success.

“Thank you for having this. It’s evident that by taking care of your users, you care about patients.”

“Great takeaways. Awesome vibe. Loved the open-forum setting.”

“I am looking forward to next year. The only think I would like to see next year is more home health agencies. I had a great time and have some wonderful ideas to take back with me.”

“This meeting really helped me understand what [my organization] needs to do to have a more successful Medalogix implementation and facilitation.”

“I can’t wait to attend next year. We all need Medalogix so much at our organizations and that’s why everyone was engaged the entire time.”

Our sessions covered a wide range of topics.

  • We began the day with a "Data Analytics 101" session where our lead data scientist deconstructed the inner workings of our home health analytics solutions.
  • We then continued with a brainstorming session about communicating patient-risk information effectively with patients, families, physicians and branch managers. It was evident during this session that every caregiver has his or her own style, but sharing tips and best practices with clinical peers was incredibly valuable.
  • We also had a session on what Medalogix coins “The Five Pillars of Success.” These are 5 tips—derived after research into what successful agencies do—to benefit most from technology. 

The second day of the conference was more focused on user feedback. We discussed Medalogix dashboards and reports, highlighted features many weren’t using and garnered suggestions on future enhancements.

Wrapping up the day, we heald a session entitled “Right Care, Right Time” where we facilitated breakout sessions to discuss barriers to the end-of-life conversation and how to overcome them. We then introduced our new Medalogix “campaign of culture” program, which offers education and more to help organizations embrace a culture of administering the right care at the right time—especially as it relates to hospice care.

In our wrap up session, we reviewed “what’s cooking” at Medalogix. We covered our latest application, Nurture, and talked about upcoming enhancements to our technology. Then we requested big ideas from our clients that could help in our product’s evolution. 

Most importantly, we left room for networking and fun. We had a night out on the town complete with a dinner at Pub 5 and fun at the honky-tonks.

We plan on hosting one again next spring. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

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