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Video: Our CEO Speaks To Harvard About Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Posted by Tasha Lemley on December 31, 2015
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Medalogix is getting attention for helping care providers best leverage analytics to improve lives. Harvard is one such prestigious organization who has taken notice.

A former home health agency owner, our CEO Dan Hogan decided to use clinical data to understand which of his patients were most likely to be readmitted to the hospital. He did this so he could intervene and stop readmissions in their tracks. Lo and behold—the data analysis worked.

Years and many innovations later, Dan’s healthcare technology solutions are still  leveraging data insights to improve care and reduce costs. One of the most notable solutions is Medalogix Bridge, our end-of-life analytics technology. It helps caregivers understand which home health patients are most likely to benefit from hospice care.HarvardLogos.png

Screen_Shot_2015-12-31_at_12.06.02_PM.pngAfter being a finalist in Harvard's Healthcare Innovation Challenge, Dan was invited to speak about end-of-life care and analytics at Harvard's Forum on Healthcare Innovation

This Forum is a collaboration between Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Medical School (HMS). Its purpose is to unite leading executives, policymakers, and academics in a cross-disciplinary exploration of innovative actions to improve quality, reduce costs, and, ultimately, increase value in the health care industry.

In 2014 the Forum launched the Health Acceleration Challenge to identify and promote demonstrated health care innovations, and selected four finalists to share the Cox Prize.

Medalogix is excited and honored to be one of these great finalists. Learn more about what this means for us here, and, take 3 minutes to watch Dan’s presentation below or here. It's a great nutshell of what Medalogix is accomplishing.

Besides a potential $2 Billion in savings in the market, the real impact of the work that we’re doing is getting the right people to the right care venue at the right time. In a hospice scenario this is imperative, as the earlier identified hospice-appropriate patients have more time to make the best decision for themselves and their families. 

You can also check out this book that echoes Dan’s philosophy: Being Mortal by Harvard professor Atul Gawande.

To see the end-of-life analytics technology referenced in Dan's message, schedule a 15-min demo. 

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