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FREE WEBINAR: The Technology You Need To Thrive Amid Regulatory Reforms

Posted by Danielle on August 14, 2017

Providers have been forced to do more with less for years but recent regulations like  the CMS proposed rule for CY 2018, the Impact Act and the soon-to-be implemented CoP changes have made it even more critical. We have to work smarter. 

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Can Analytics And Automated Calling Really Help Your Home Health Agency?

Posted by Danielle on May 10, 2017

Our readmission reduction solution, Medalogix Touch is where it all started. It was our first solution which was conceptualized by our CEO and founder, Dan Hogan, when he owned and operated a home health agency in rural Tennessee. Like all solutions, it was created to solve a problem. 

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The 5 Pillars of Successful Technology Implementation and Long-Term Adoption

Posted by Margaret Forshee on August 18, 2016

Arriving at the Root Issues with Product Adoption

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Additional Benefits Of Our Home Health And Hospice Technologies

Posted by Danielle on August 02, 2016

Forward-thinking home health providers initially implement our home health and hospice technologies to realize patient-improvement benefits like:

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Tools We Use At Medalogix--A Nashville Technology Company

Posted by Nick Kroes on July 14, 2016

I am relatively new to working here at Medalogix--a Nashville technology company. I have only been here for 2 months but am loving every bit of it. Some of it has to do with my short commute to our office in Germantown. Most of it has to do with the culture here at Medalogix and specifically the developer experience.

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