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Tools We Use At Medalogix--A Nashville Technology Company

Posted by Nick Kroes on July 14, 2016

nashville_technology_company_medalogix.pngI am relatively new to working here at Medalogix--a Nashville technology company. I have only been here for 2 months but am loving every bit of it. Some of it has to do with my short commute to our office in Germantown. Most of it has to do with the culture here at Medalogix and specifically the developer experience.

But another part is due to the tools we use here that enable me to ramp up quickly and work more efficiently and effectively.

Below are some of the tools we use in the engineering department that help us develop and deliver a quality product reliably. (Some of the tools are used across all departments. I’ll denote those with an asterisk.)


I began my career using centralized code repositories like TFS and SVN. They were simple and made sense. A few years ago at my previous job, we switched from SVN to Git and it was a paradigm switch from centralized to decentralized. Now I can’t imagine going back.


We used TeamCity to run our continuous integration environment. The technology team here at Medalogix has done a great job at automating as many tasks as possible with TeamCity. This eliminates time consuming and error prone manual steps that can lead to risky deployments.


We have a few remote team members at Medalogix and Zoom is the tool we use for our online meetings and instant messaging. The functionality is very similar to Skype for Business in that is allows us to do video conferencing, scheduled meetings and encrypted messaging. Our client experience and sales teams also use this to host external meetings.


Prior to joining Medalogix, I had used Slack for the local NashDev Slack channel but my previous company was constrained to Lync and email. I was delighted to find out that HipChat was already in place and in use here. The concept seems simple, but it’s amazing how a persistent group chat can reduce email and works so much better than instant message group sessions. It’s also great for sharing GIF’s.



Currently we use LeanKit for planning and tracking our work. It works great for Kanban. As we transition to a Scrum methodology though, we are evaluating tools that may be better fitted to Scrum, such as Atlassian’s JIRA.

Google Docs*

Having the ability to simultaneously edit a document is a magical thing. At a previous job, we tracked regression testing in a Confluence page and would constantly have issues with multiple people attempting to edit the page at the same time and one person’s changes wiping out another’s. Google enables simultaneous editing right from the start. It’s such a  simple feature, but so powerful.  

What are your favorites?

Are there alternative tools that you have used in the past that you feel have excelled in a particular area? What are some additional tools that you’ve used to fill a gap?

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