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The Value Of Actionable Analytics

Posted by Danielle on October 31, 2016

While we’re an analytics company, we always remind our users that analytics—even the most accurately predictive—are only as good as the actions they inspire.

This truth is displayed in the graphs below.

Before we dig into the graphs though, here’s a little back story: 

One of our home health clients leverages our end-of-life analytics solutions across its organization. While all branches use our predictive analytics technology that predicts which patients could most benefit from hospice care (Medalogix Bridge), only some branches use the technology’s accompanying workflow.

The workflow helps organizations streamline and achieve transparency around a patient’s journey from being identified by our solution to receiving appropriate interventions.

For instance, as it pertains to our Bridge solution, client organizations can select their own workflow steps like:

  • Patient identified
  • Physician approval
  • Patient opt in
  • Hospice transference

Further, program directors can set time limits on each step to ensure patients are constantly progressing and not getting stuck in a workflow step.

As you’ll see from the graphs below, when a home health agency deployed our end-of-life analytics solution but did not leverage workflow they increased total hospice days by 30 percent. 

When the same home health agency deployed our end-of-life analytics solution and leveraged workflow they increased total hospice days by nearly 130 percent.

So, when you use our Bridge technology, you’ll help those appropriate patients who choose hospice care experience more of their end-of-life care benefit. When you leverage our Bridge solution with our workflow, you’ll help those appropriate patients even more.

The first three slides demonstrate use without workflow. The latter three slides show results with workflow.

30 percent 1.png


30 percent 2.png

30 percent conclusion.png

130 percent 1.png

130 percent 2.png

130 percent conclusion.png

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