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Meet This Nashville Analytics Company's Client Experience Team

Posted by Scott Kirby on October 19, 2016

Meet the fabulous client experience team (Carleen Rogers not pictured). We're a group of passionate folks who love helping our clients get the most out of our home health analytics technology--all so they can best help their home health and hospice patients and grow their organizations. 

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How Our Analytics Solutions Can Help You Maximize Or Replace Telehealth

Posted by Conor Farley on September 27, 2016

Home health operators widely accept telehealth and in-home devices as a viable option to successfully monitor, and better care for, remote home health patients. Although adopted commonly across the country, many providers struggle to identify the appropriate patients to monitor. Typically, provider’s default to deploying units based on a patient’s diagnoses or to the patients their hospital referral partners specify.

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Measuring The Effectiveness Of Hospice Care

Posted by Carleen Rogers on September 07, 2016

Hospice is a sacred industry. We count success in more ways than the bottom line.

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Using Predictive Analytics to “Nurture” Recently Discharged Patients

Posted by Cyndi Rizzitello on August 25, 2016

Industry Challenge

Home health agencies work hard every day to ensure the patients they serve receive the appropriate care in order to recover, regain independence and become as self-sufficient as possible. But due to limitations in the home health benefit eligibility requirements, agencies often have to discharge patients who might not be fully ready or able to care for themselves. Or maybe they seem ready but wind up declining after discharge unexpectedly.

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The 5 Pillars of Successful Technology Implementation and Long-Term Adoption

Posted by Margaret Forshee on August 18, 2016

Arriving at the Root Issues with Product Adoption

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Additional Benefits Of Our Home Health And Hospice Technologies

Posted by Danielle on August 02, 2016

Forward-thinking home health providers initially implement our home health and hospice technologies to realize patient-improvement benefits like:

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We're Presenting Alongside Great Lakes Caring At NAHC

Posted by Danielle on July 28, 2016

Are you going to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice's Annual conference in Orlando? If so, we'd love to see you. Be sure to stop by our booth and check out our presentation. We'll be speaking alongside Great Lakes Caring's chief clinical officer and their director of hospital readmission reduction. 

We're proud to have been selected and honored to be speaking with Great Lakes' leaders. 

Here are the details:

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Survey Says: Home Health Providers Really Like Our Analytics Technology

Posted by Denise Galbraith on July 27, 2016

Back in June, we sent our biannual survey to our home health and/or hospice users. We distributed surveys to 121 people, and received 53 responses--yes my friends, that's a 41% response rate! We wanted to share the results specific to each product and thank everyone who participated (you know who you are)! 

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Tools We Use At Medalogix--A Nashville Technology Company

Posted by Nick Kroes on July 14, 2016

I am relatively new to working here at Medalogix--a Nashville technology company. I have only been here for 2 months but am loving every bit of it. Some of it has to do with my short commute to our office in Germantown. Most of it has to do with the culture here at Medalogix and specifically the developer experience.

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How To Successfully Implement Homecare Analytics Technology

Posted by Scott Kirby on July 06, 2016

You’ve invested in this homecare analytics technology (or any healthcare analytics technology, really) that you know will improve your organization, increase revenues and maybe even change the world as you know it…So, what now?!

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