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Our Experience at Harvard University’s Forum on Healthcare Innovation

Posted by Danielle on April 23, 2015

health acceleration challenge finalistsBy founder and CEO, Dan Hogan

We went there, did it and got a bunch of t-shirts.

That’s right, after being named a finalist in Harvard University’s Health Acceleration Challenge in October, we had the opportunity to present our winning Bridge technology to attendees at Harvard’s Forum on Healthcare Innovation April 15th.

The experience was invaluable. We met with Harvard alum, healthcare leaders and students who all provided feedback on the work we’re doing to improve end-of-life care.

So you can have the full experience, I’ll share my 3-minute pitch session and subsequent poster presentation with you. Before that though, let me set the stage by describing the 2-day event’s flustered beginnings.

It’s 2:45 in the afternoon. Two guys in never-been-worn suits are running across Western Avenue Bridge. One is calling his assistant confirming his destination’s exact location and the other is awkwardly tucking a 24x36 foam core poster between his arm and the right side of his rib cage. Boston’s mild 50-degree springtime weather is the only element keeping both men from sweating through their new suits.

The guy on the phone was me. The guy with the poster was Medalogix’s COO Elliott Wood. It was 15 minutes before check-in at Harvard’s Forum on Healthcare Innovation. I was due to speak at Harvard Business School on one side of the bridge, in Boston, but had assumed the business school was couched on the main campus in Cambridge. I was wrong—which explains our impromptu bridge jaunt.

At 2:58 we arrived outside Aldrich Hall. We collected ourselves, walked through the doors and approached the registration table.

Wednesday’s rough start was the only rough part of our Harvard experience. As one of four featured finalists in Harvard’s Acceleration Challenge, the two-day conference was enriching and thought-provoking.

dan hogan health acceleration challenge medalogix smaAs promised, here’s my exact 3-minute pitch script. Here’s the scene: I delivered this at the bottom of a pit-like classroom, presenting upward to an audience of downward peering healthcare investors, researchers and analysts who all knew their stuff. Kind of intimidating but my adrenaline helped me through.

Here’s our poster about our end of life analytics solutions that Elliott and I presented after my pitch. It outlines why we do what we do.

Harvard hosts the challenge and subsequent forum to help “compelling, already-implemented health care solutions grow and increase their impact through powerful networking and funding opportunities.” The challenge and forum definitely accomplishes that mission. We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.Tyler Gish Harvard


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