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Our CEO's Experience Mentoring At South By Southwest

Posted by Danielle on March 28, 2016

Dan-Hogan-300x199.pngWhen South by Southwest organizers approached our CEO, Dan Hogan, about being a part of 2016’s lineup, he didn’t think twice before accepting. Not only would he get the opportunity to coach and brainstorm with eager startup entrepreneurs, but he’d have full access to the conference which included a keynote by President Obama.

If you’re not familiar with South by Southwest, it’s is an annual film, music and interactive festival and conference that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas.

The interactive section has a health and med tech track. This is where Dan and the companies he mentored fit in.

Dan was chosen as a mentor to selected startups, because of his work developing Medalogix. He had the pleasure of working with a handful of new companies. 

Jenn_Gross.jpegWhile each startup is doing exceptional work tackling its own challenge in healthcare, Dan was most impressed with and excited by LogCallMD-- a HIPAA compliant communication platform that documents and tracks physician to patient mobile communication. The software diminishes malpractice risk and simplifies EHR documentation for physicians on-call. 

Here’s more on LogCallMD from the company’s founder and CEO, Jenn Gross:

Between increasing regulation and decreasing compensation, it's a tough world out there for physicians. Physician practices are being squeezed from every angle to remain profitable entities while providing optimal patient care. Thus, physicians need support from the healthcare technology community! At LogCallMD, we're dedicated to that cause. 

On call communication, physicians providing urgent patient support while out of the office or hospital remains a painful and disruptive experience. After an on-call phone miscommunication between her grandfather and his cardiologist, Jenn realized that while on-call, physicians suffer from a loss of privacy and protection. She built LogCallMD with the on-call physician in mind. 

Make patient calls from your cell? Want to maintain your privacy? Never enough time to document the call into the EHR? LogCallMD is here to help! 

As for Jenn, she’s an all around healthcare enthusiast. She spent the majority of her career in business development, supporting pharmaceutical companies with strategic planning and drug lifecycle management. Jenn launched LogCallMD in January. She is loving the health-tech start up world which she says is a brilliant community rooted in supporting each other with a culture of asking for and giving help. 

“I had such an inspiring mentor session with Dan, Jenn said. “He is keenly aware of what it takes for a startup to succeed and was so generous with his time."

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