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SouthernAlpha: Medalogix “In The Growth Phase” Triples Client Base

Posted by Danielle on Jul 27, 2015 4:32:00 PM

SouthernAlpha_logoMedalogix, a Nashville-based healthcare technology company, announced the hiring of Carleen Rogers, RN, CHPN, as Clinical Transformation Consultant, Josh Clifford as Software Engineer and Emily Patton as Office Manager/Executive Assistant. With the hiring of these three new members to their team, they have more than doubled the employee count over the past ten months.

medalogix_hiring_emily_patton_josh_clifford_carleen_rogers.jpgAs for what’s allowed the hiring of three new people, Medalogix says they’ve tripled their client base in the last year. They also just signed a partnership that will lead to more business, and created two new products in the past ten months that have expanded their market.

Founder and CEO Dan Hogan is both enthusiastic and cautiously optimistic about the company’s trajectory. “I’m incredibly excited about the team we’re assembling, “ said Hogan.  “We’re still actively seeking to add to our talent pool, and that creates a sense of urgency. But, I aim to keep in mind that the right fit can take time. Thankfully, I’ve got a great team to help me with that. So, essentially, it feels great to reach this bout of hiring, but we still approach it carefully.”

Since its founding in 2012, Medalogix and its founder have garnered accolades and awards, and Southern/alpha has been watching their growth for some time. With this new round of hirings and the increasing client-base, I asked Hogan if he still considered his company as a startup. “In some ways, Medalogix does still feel like a startup,” said Hogan. But obviously, the situation has changed for him and this company formerly known as a startup.  “There’s a lot of tinkering, invention and creativity flowing through our offices, but if I had to place us in a category, I’d say we’re now in the growth phase.”

*Originally published in SouthernAlpha. 

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