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Entrepreneur Center Podcast: Nashville NEXT Award Finalist Interviews

Posted by Danielle on Oct 27, 2015 8:09:48 PM

Monday afternoon (10/26), Clark from the Entrepreneur Center visited our offices to chat with our CEO, Dan Hogan, about being an entrepreneur in Nashville.

The conversation was motivated by Dan's recent recognition as an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in the Nashville Chamber and Entrepreneur Center's 2015 NEXT Awards. Clark recorded the conversation in this podcast. 

Most of the chat revolves around this Q&A:

Q: Favorite part about the Nashville Business Community:

A: Everyone will help you—if you ask. Successful and innovative professionals in our city are so accessible. If you think someone could help you with a challenge your business is facing, find him or her on LinkedIn and invite that person to coffee. I’ve done this a handful of times and the coffees are always accepted. Not only that, I’ve gotten great feedback when I have taken this approach.

The second part of that though, is that you have to ask. People, especially people with good ideas and connections, are busy. You have to put yourself and maybe even your ideas out there to get the feedback you need. I say that because many could-be entrepreneurs hoard their ideas. They’re afraid of talking about in fear of someone stealing it. That’s not going to happen. You need to talk about your idea to give it legs and to enhance it. Rely on Nashville’s entrepreneurial community to help you, because they will.

Q: Nashville’s best kept secret

A: Lazzarolis.

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