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New Technology Helps Hospitals and Home Care Agencies Meet New Quality Care Standards of Affordable Care Act

Posted by fivebyfive on August 07, 2012

News-Line for Home Care Professionals

Home care facility operators are turning to first-of-its-kind technology, Medalogix, to respond to healthcare reforms laid out by the Affordable Care Act.

“How will the Supreme Court’s recent ruling affect healthcare is the question on everyone’s minds,” said Dan Hogan, CEO and founder of Medalogix. “Technological innovations like Medalogix are the answer.”

Medalogix is predictive modeling software that helps home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities identify patients most at risk for rehospitalization and therefore avoid it. The technology is a response to the premise in the Affordable Care Act that states if a patient is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, the hospital will face reduced payment and other penalties. In its first real-world application, Medalogix identified with 90% accuracy those patients most at risk. This toolset saves time, heartache and upward of $500 million a year according to recent NAHC data.

“Hospital systems will definitively face reduced payments for services and other penalties if their patients are readmitted. That reality is an absolute precursor to similar “pay for performance” modifications we will undoubtedly see in other healthcare sectors like the post acute services,” said Hogan.

The ability to accurately predict at-risk patients, gives home care facilities a necessary edge in the “pay-for-performance” landscape the Affordable Care Act creates. Hogan anticipates a surge in healthcare facilities seeking a solution to meeting the Affordable Care Act’s requirements to addresses readmission concerns by October. Medalogix’s core competency is defining that risk for hospitals, home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities. – See more at: http://www.news-line.com/onenews.lasso?-Search=Action&-token.profession=SH&-token.target=onenews&-Table=webinfo&-MaxRecords=50&-SkipRecords=0&-Database=newsline&-KeyValue=14469#sthash.SdRcJ0s3.dpuf


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