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Home Health And Hospice Providers Give Thanks

Posted by Danielle on November 26, 2015

images-1.jpgJust in time for Thanksgiving, we asked home health professionals why they're thankful to work in home health. Here's what they said. 

camellia-logo.pngHere's what April Loftin from Camellia Healthcare said:

The story behind my thanks goes to my Mamaw. Despite her poor health status throughout her life, I have the best memories of her.

She contracted Polio at the age of 16 and had to learn to do everything, from walking to writing, all over again. She didn't let that get in her way though. She worked on our family farm, raised five children, 17 grand children and nine great grands. She even took care of her mother in her last days! Mamaw became an avid painter later in life. She never missed serving coffee on her front porch, or helping to prepare a meal--even when she just didn't feel like she could.

Six years ago, Mamaw developed syncopal episodes. She sustained several falls when we finally discovered there was an issue with her heart. Three years ago, she went for a bite to eat at her favorite place, and suffered from a severe cardiac episode leading to cardiac arrest. Mamaw never regained consciousness, and passed away four days later with me right by her side. I was happy to be there beside her just like she had been for me for 29 years. 

She is the driving force behind my care and compassion for home health. My work is dedicated to making all the Mamaws (and Papaws) of my home health world have the best possible care care. They deserve the best of everything I have to give.

residential_home_health_and_hospice.jpgAnd this is why Chris Caddy at Residential Home Health feels thankful to be a home health and hospice professional.

As the quality manager for Residential Home Health and Hospice organization, I feel thankful for the opportunity to contribute to our continual improvement journey.  This is so important to our patients. They are relying on us to provide them with the best care and service possible. To be able to contribute to their care experience utilizing my passion for quality improvement, makes me happy; so I am grateful and privileged to be able to do this work.

accent_logo.pngLast but certainly not least, here's what Janet Dalme at AccentCare had to say:

My work in home health gives me the ability each and every day to serve others--which is our calling in life.  Also, I'm thankful I get to work with an amazing group of individuals in our region.

What are you thankful for? Join the conversation by commenting below.

To hear what the Medalogix is crew is thankful for, click here and watch our Thanksgiving video. 

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