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Healthcare Event Highlight Reel

Posted by Danielle on May 24, 2016

January through May have been action-packed—and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We feel honored to have been invited to participate in some of not only home health’s, but healthcare’s big events. It’s given us the opportunity to meet industry movers and shakers, share ideas and incorporate lessons-learned to further innovate.google_entrepreneur_exchange_medalogix.jpg

This morning for instance, Google and Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center’s entrepreneur exchange group visited our office (see photo above). The group of international entrepreneurs stopped by to learn a bit about the work we’re doing in healthcare analytics. It was a great time exchanging ideas and viewpoints about healthcare innovations.

A few weeks ago we attended New England Home Care and Hospice’s annual event. It’s the region’s premier event for home care and hospice agencies. Six New England state home care associations host the event, which collectively represent nearly 400 home health organizations. This year, the conference returned to Foxwoods Resort & Casino on May 16 – 18. Our own Cyndi Rizzitello had the opportunity to sit on a technology symposium panel moderated by Home Care Technology Report’s, Tim Rowan. The panelists discussed questions like:

What are the biggest barriers to technology adoption?

  • We say (in a nutshell): People, process, technology and culture all have to work together for technology adoption to be successful.  

Should analytics override or replace a clinician?

  • No. We like to think there are traditionally three dimensions of decision-making; education, experience and instinct. A clinician uses all of these to make solid decisions about her patients. Analytics adds a fourth dimension that makes the picture clearer. 

How can we be successful in the value-based care landscape?

  • Really, it's about more effective and efficient care. We all know clinicians work so hard. They're already stretched so thin. We have to introduce smart technologies to help improve efficiencies and effectiveness if we're going to ensure patients are getting the right care at the right time. If the patients who are at highest risk of transferring off your census are ranked according to their risk, this would help clinicians have a more efficient starting place. From there, they can automate some of their touchpoints with IVR calls. This saves money and improves care. It's a win win. 

Why is understanding hospice appropriateness so important?

  • Because patients deserve to know when it’s time to start thinking about end-of-life care options. Equipping patients with the right information at the right time enables them to make the best decisions for themselves and their families at a crucial time.

Shari_heath_medalogix.pngOur VP of product management, Shari heath, presented at MIT’s future of health technology conference about how analytics are improving end-of-life care. The themes she covered are similar to those our CEO expresses in this TED Talk.

TEDx_Nashville_Dan_Hogan.pngSpeaking of TED Talks, our CEO, Dan Hogan, emceed Nashville’s first healthcare specific TEDx event, Health Next. The event was a day of “what if.” A time dedicated to embracing the edges of what’s possible, putting the people thinking about those things on stage and sharing in their creativity, resolve and vision. After all, playing the “what if” game has been the source of every innovation and invention we’ve ever achieved as humans. Health Next was all about the “what ifs” in healthcare. Like:

  • What if doctor’s started prescribing nature? Dr. Nooshin Razani discussed this.
  • What if fabric solved our human organ transplant shortages? Seth Winner of Secant Medical presented on this.

It was a refreshing conference filled with innovative and disruptive ideas that could transform and save lives. We are honored to have been a part of it. 

Dan was also asked to speak about the importance of company culture at thenashville_best_places_to_work_healthcare_medalogix.png American College of Healthcare Executives’ annual conference. He addressed the importance of hiring the right people and creating a workplace that honors their personal lives—after all, if you’re not happy at home, you can’t be happy and effective at work. That’s why at Medalogix, we live 360.

Dan also was asked to mentor at South by Southwest this year. Read all about his experience here

The fun doesn't stop now though. We'll see you at HCHB's Users Conference in June. Our own Carleen Rogers will host a presentation about the 5 Pillars of Successful Technology Adoption. And, be sure to stop by our booth to visit Conor

Which annual healthcare events are most important to you? Comment below. 

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