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BioProducts – Predictive Modeling Tool

Posted by fivebyfive on October 22, 2012

Predictive Modeling Tool

Bio Supply Trends Quarterly

Medalogix has developed a predictive modeling tool that is designed to reduce rehospitalization rates and boost quality of care for patients. The company has partnered with post-acute healthcare provider Alternate Solutions to use its tool, which focuses on the two most significant factors in predicting geriatric patient rehospitalization: medication and geography. As of October 1, new provisions of the Affordable Care Act went into effect that penalize hospitals when a patient is readmitted under the same diagnosis within 30 days of his or her discharge; Medicare will not reimburse the hospital for care provided after the readmission. Studies have shown that up to 31 percent of elderly patient hospital admissions are associated with drug-related problems. Over the three-year period that the Medalogix predictive algorithms have been in development, they have demonstrated the ability to predict a patient’s risk of hospitalization with an accuracy exceeding 74 percent.

Medalogix, (615) 200-8443, www.medalogix.com


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