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As Medalogix’s director of marketing and PR, Danielle generates brand awareness to help drive business. With a journalism degree and experience in broadcast journalism, Danielle brings strong writing and storytelling skills to the Medalogix team. Danielle manages Medalogix’s web site, social media and blog channels, publicity initiatives, marketing collateral, marketing campaigns and email communications. Prior to Medalogix, Danielle was an account executive at Nashville-based PR and digital marketing firm, the Bradford Group. In her role there, she helped various entrepreneurial companies achieve their PR and marketing goals. Prior to moving to Nashville, Danielle worked as a reporter and part time anchor in Alabama and Florida. Danielle graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She’s a founding board member of the Nashville Public Library’s young professional group, the Next Chapter Society, and an active member of the Junior League of Nashville.

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Participate In National Healthcare Decisions Week

Posted by Danielle on April 17, 2017

National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) exists to inspire, educate and empower the public and providers about the importance of advance care planning. This is an issue close to our hearts at Medalogix because we know that when patients and their famillies are informed about end-of-life care wishes and status, outcomes and satisfaction are improved. That's the very premise of our end-of-life analytics solution, Medalogix Bridge

In honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD), we're posting this blog written by the folks spearheading the movement. We hope the content will inspire you to have a conversation with your loved ones about your and their end-of-life care wishes. And remember: It always seems too early, until it’s too late.
College education. Career path. Relationships. Starting a family. Buying or selling a house. Vacations. Retirement. From the age that we’re old enough to understand, most of us are taught and accept that these are the markers in life that we plan for. However, there’s one key marker that’s all-too-often missing from this list: advance care planning.
Like planning for these other life events, planning for the time (or times) that we are unable to express our healthcare wishes is of the utmost importance. It is something that should be well thought-out, documented and revisited at different points in life to reflect any change in our desires or family situation or the person we wish to advocate for us.
Unfortunately, it is a planning point that that majority of us have missed.
In fact, only about 25% of adults have an advance care plan. As a consequence patients' families suffer the added burden of having to guess when a health crisis happens. That’s why National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) was founded 10 years ago and why this nationwide advance care planning awareness initiative is as important as ever. 
NHDD, which happens every April 16, is a week-long event this year. It's a collaborative effort of thousands of national, state, and community organizations as well as dedicated individual advocates committed to ensuring that adult Americans–like you and me—have the information and opportunity to communicate and document their healthcare decisions.
If you haven’t had the talk already, check out the awesome three and a half minute “Imagine” video on the NHDD homepage. It’s proof that it takes only a few minutes to start a conversation with your loved ones about advance care planning—a conversation that affects people for a lifetime. After the goosebumps settle down from watching the video, here are some specific things you can do for NHDD:
  • Lead by example. Schedule time with your loved ones to “Have the Talk” and complete your own advance directive. There are many tools, including free forms, you can use to walk you through the process and make your wishes known; access them through the NHDD Public Resources page.
  • Encourage your loved ones and friends to learn more about advance directives and to complete their advance directives. You can forward this link: www.nhdd.org
  • Share your advance directive with your healthcare providers and make sure it is on file in the event it is needed. 
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Hospice Utilization Is Declining But Analytics Can Help

Posted by Danielle on March 27, 2017

After analyzing the most recent data, hospice utilization is on a continued decline, according the the HMR blog.

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Medalogix Helps Signifigantly Reduce Avoidable Hospital Readmissions. Our Data Scientist Can Prove It.

Posted by Danielle on March 01, 2017
Our lead data scientist has analyzed the effectiveness of our readmission reduction solution solution and the results are in. Drum roll please....
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Nurture Your Discharged Patients With Analytics To Understand Who Needs Your Care Again

Posted by Danielle on January 26, 2017

What If we told you that nearly 300 patents you’ve discharged in the last 9 months will soon need your care again? (Dive deeper into this metric by checking out this case study.) Medalogix Nurture will help you understand which ones, so you can be there to give them the additional home health care they need.

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Key Takeaways From J.P. Morgan's Healthcare Conference

Posted by Danielle on January 20, 2017

We were fortunate to attend J.P. Morgan's annual healthcare conference in early January. It's one of the life science industry’s largest conferences of the year as it brings thousands of investors and executives from around the world to San Francisco where companies present their latest innovations hoping to find their next partner or investor.

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Our Presentation About Hospice Analytics At MIT's Future Of Health Tech Summitt

Posted by Danielle on December 15, 2016

Earlier this year our own Shari Heath was invited to speak about the importance of appropriate end-of-life care and analytics' role in improving our final days.

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What A Harvard Student Says About Medalogix And Nashville

Posted by Danielle on November 28, 2016

Alert: Shameless bragging ahead. We apologize in advance.

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The Value Of Actionable Analytics

Posted by Danielle on October 31, 2016

While we’re an analytics company, we always remind our users that analytics—even the most accurately predictive—are only as good as the actions they inspire.

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Additional Benefits Of Our Home Health And Hospice Technologies

Posted by Danielle on August 02, 2016

Forward-thinking home health providers initially implement our home health and hospice technologies to realize patient-improvement benefits like:

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We're Presenting Alongside Great Lakes Caring At NAHC

Posted by Danielle on July 28, 2016

Are you going to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice's Annual conference in Orlando? If so, we'd love to see you. Be sure to stop by our booth and check out our presentation. We'll be speaking alongside Great Lakes Caring's chief clinical officer and their director of hospital readmission reduction. 

We're proud to have been selected and honored to be speaking with Great Lakes' leaders. 

Here are the details:

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