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Measuring The Effectiveness Of Hospice Care

Posted by Carleen Rogers on September 07, 2016

Hospice is a sacred industry. We count success in more ways than the bottom line.

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Topics: Data and Analytics Review, Healthcare Industry

You Know That Saying About Death And Taxes?

Posted by Carleen Rogers on April 11, 2016

Have you completed your advanced directives yet? Documented your end of life wishes?  

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How Soon Is Too Soon To Talk About Death?

Posted by Carleen Rogers on January 27, 2016

Is it ever too early to starting talking about and making plans for what is important to you at the end of life? This question moved front and center after I read a story about a little girl named Julianna Snow.

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Topics: Healthcare Industry

Making The Dying Process A Little Less Daunting

Posted by Carleen Rogers on October 21, 2015

How can we better interact with death and dying in our culture? This is a question we, at Medalogix, are seeking to answer. As a Nashville analytics company, we believe communication, planning and home health and hospice technology can help make the end-of-life process just a little easier—and in turn, help us build a better relationship with death itself. I'd like to share a few of the resources I use regularly to equip others to communicate effectively and compassionately about the dying process.

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Topics: Healthcare Industry

Why My Dad Could Have Benefited From Healthcare Analytics

Posted by Carleen Rogers on October 09, 2015

The healthcare system in the United States is difficult to navigate, hard to manage and impossibly challenging to finance. The silver tsunami is almost upon us and we need better answers. We need to provide better care, improve patient navigation and outcomes while at the same time remaining conscious of costs.

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